Design Capability

Cantilever, Vertical, Shelf, multidie, Burn-In, RF, Mother Boards, Driver Boards, Memory Modules, Back Planes, Regulator boards, and but not limited to High Current.

Teradyne, Agilent, LTXCredence, Advantest, Nptest, Mosaid, and Custom.


Kes, Aehr, Blue M, Lunaire, Gruenberg.


Our current capacity consists of 6 to 10 designs per month.

Probe Card Design

Quad Cantilever design can be designed flawlessly, where our experience allows us to provide solder pad landings including PCB design, and all the the accompanied documentation to properly manufacture the spider.

Multi-Die Designs can also be designed allowing us to provide a bare board or a completed design.

Shelf Design

Vertical design can be accomplished by using a substrate, MLC, or MLO.


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