Design Capability

Cantilever, Vertical, Shelf, multidie, Burn-In, RF, Mother Boards, Driver Boards, Memory Modules, Back Planes, Regulator boards, and but not limited to High Current.

Teradyne, Agilent, LTXCredence, Advantest, Nptest, Mosaid, and Custom.


Kes, Aehr, Blue M, Lunaire, Gruenberg.


Our current capacity consists of 6 to 10 designs per month.


Printed Circuit Board Design, has been a vast necessity by various companies, we offer the experience and support with many varieties of board types. By allowing us to assign the best fit designer/s to your company giving you the level of support you deserve.


Manufacturing of tight pitch, and multilayer, Quality is something we focus on, and our current partners in the industry allow us to propagate major savings, and the best quality.


Turnkey solutions.

By allowing us to take your project from start to finish, helps you not only on price, but it saves you valuable time.


When ever you have a problem with a board don't go to the expense of a new one, let us repair it.


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