Probe Cards

Probe cards, are used for testing wafers directly, and can be designed by ITNDS considering your spider manufacturer.

At ITNDS we have the knowledge and experience to produce the necessary documentation for production of these specialty boards.




A prober is a wafer handling mechanism designed to introduce the dies on a wafer, to the needles of a probe card mounted on the tester. Probers typically have loading and receiving trays, allowing them to move many wafers before reloading is required.

Basic Operation

A full size probe card, or a combination of a probe card interface board (PIB) with a probe card is installed on the test head and locked down using a mechanical lock ring or screws, depending on the tester type. The test head is inverted, needles down, and the prober is maneuvered in place beneath the test head. The test head is then lowered in place and locked to the prober using a mechanical interface. An electrical connection is also installed from the tester to the prober which permits communication between the equipment.

When the prober is instructed to start, the first wafer is pulled from the loading tray, aligned in a staging area, and transferred to the chuck. The chuck then positions itself under the probe card and aligns the wafer for testing. Observation for alignment is performed by looking down at the wafer and needles through the test head, using a microscope or camera and monitor. Once the first die is aligned, the prober issues a start command to the tester. The tester performs its test on the die, and issues a test complete command to the prober. The prober will then lower the chuck, reposition the wafer, and raise the chuck to allow testing of the next die. This process is repeated until all dies on the wafer are tested. When testing is complete, the wafer is moved to a receiving tray and the next wafer is pulled for testing. This process is repeated until all wafers have been tested.


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