• Interface

    Interface is core architecture of a probecard or load board, these boards assure connectivity between the probe card and the wafer.

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  • Probe Cards

    Probe cards, are used for testing wafers directly, and can be designed by ITNDS considering your spider manufacturer.

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  • Load Boards

    These boards are assential for testing algorithms and signal functionality per device, giving you the ability to test programs and socket continuity.

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  • Burn-In

    Each intrigued design and fab plays a part with Burn-in, in most cases memory devices and CMOS are tested for durability.

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  • RF

    Radio Frequency boards are a very specialized designs, that require high speeds ranging from 2Ghz to 25Ghz, we can assist in the design and fabrication of these boards.

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Welcome to Integrated Test and Design Solutions. LLC.

ITNDS was created to facilitate available capacity, and relieving the burden of engineering expenses that can affect your overall cost, avoiding delivery delays, and providing our customers a total test package solution.


Our staff will work as part of your team to provide custom solutions for electro mechanical stability, signal integrity and the reliability that your test environment demands. ITNDS focus is providing custom, specialty probe cards, and load boards that are quality and performance driven to meet or surpass your requirements.


Probe cards, Load boards, Burn-in, and many more.




Printed Circuit board design

This is where it all begins, by creating the proper documentation correlated with engineering input, our staff will insure the software does its job, all our design are based on schematic capture. A not to complex process but to insure quality with a fast reliable design it is vital to use schematic capture.



PCB Manufacturing.

We can manufacture from 1 to 52 layer boards, high temp high speed, blind and buried vias.


PCB Assembly

Our Assembly is also state of the art where, all automated equipment is correlated to the original design, by producing the necessary files required for automatic pic and place, including a netlist that will enable a single point test structure.


We understand support is what makes a good business, and we are available 24/7 click here


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